Weaved artworks.

In the Mes-tissages series, Evans Mbugua expands on his visual language and explores the complexity of mixing traditions and cultures across boundaries and borders. An immigrant himself, he was born and raised in Kenya and has resided in France for more than half of his life . To him, the notion of “home” can be compelling, intricate, fluid and multi-layered. With this body of weaved works, Evans takes interest in the intertwined narratives and historical movement of cultures and explores their direct link on our personal identities. The material he uses is made of printed canvas strips, reminiscent of the coconut palm strips used for weaving in his native Kenya. His weaving pattern design seek to reinterpret traditional indigenous motifs such as the kente from Ghana, the navajo serape from Mexico or the ikat from India. Evans brings together the notions of traditional myths and truths which were held by the traditional patterns and their cultural influence on our shifting, multi-layered identities today.

No Place like Home
Aunty Pauline
Nairobi to Paris One Way