Live life like it’s a Celebration (2018/22)

Dream with an Eye on the Ball (2018/22)

Spring (2018)

A Conversation With Myself (2018/22)

Awesome (2018)

Poa Poa (2018)

Hand painted on perspex + digital print on paper

I’ve featured my niece and two nephews through this series for some years now.

I’m interested in transmission. When painting them, they are like a reflection of myself. I have the impression that I can imagine the future while at the same time look at my past. They send me back to a happy place within my childhood 🙂 I also wonder what is left of my childhood today. Does (or when does) being a child end? Is there a line between before and after. Or is it that each one simply defines where their limit lies?

As I paint, I interact, observe and learn as I watch them grow. Yet maybe I’m simply trying to reconnect with myself as a child.