Lithograph + unique Monotype (BFK Rives) created at l’Atelier le Grand Village, France

For a better part of 2020, we were suspended in time for several months due to the pandemic. It’s during this period that I decided to re-evaluate the importance of colour in my work.

To me colour is emotion. There is a search for renewed emotions that I wanted to interpret. The choice of electric colours for this series represents an explosion, a desire to live and to go beyond. The gesture of tearing the paper to create the background motifs can be seen as a rupture or a desire for a new start. These portraits have big smiles on their faces. It is a message of hope that I try to convey.

The characters, created only using lines, represent not only an individual but a family, a community and a society. I hope for a society that lives together in harmony and seeks to share experiences together; emotions, joys and even fears. This ability to live together requires concerted efforts to function well and calls for actions to begin from me as an individual, a point or a line. This is where my interest lies.Evans Mbugua