… Working with the thoroughness that characterizes him by undoing some of the printing from the thickness of the paper, he manages, by using absolute precision in his gesture, to create new characters, new silhouettes emerging from this empty space.

In this way, he penetrates another world which he makes us discover with him, passing from the outside to the inside, from the visible to the hidden, from the revealed to the protected, from the obvious to the intimate.

This secret space hidden under the printed layer, peeled off like a skin, reveals other impalpable universes that extend the artist’s quest for identity, while exploring the portrait with its exterior and interior aspects. …

Except from “A Secret Space” text by Sylvain Sankalé (Art Critic), 2019

Coquette (2019)
BackStage (2019)

Digital print paper peeling.

Download : A Secret Space by Sylvain Sankale, art critic